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Who are we?

GAAP is an acronym for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; the Australian equivalent to IFRS. GAAP Consulting is a network of independent experts – some of Australia’ best accounting minds. Our aim is to help you to manage your financial reporting and auditing risks. Whether your needs relate to GAAP, GAAS (audit), ethics or superannuation, we can help.

Our eight partner-equivalents provide you with the best solutions to your financial needs. You might require our professional advice, risk-management strategies, or information and training services. As a bonus, we offer a free authoritative newsletter and fact sheets. Our team is led by Colin Parker, a former board member of the AASB and a director of accounting and auditing policy with CPA Australia.


Access to some of Australia’s best


Stephen Downes 
Stephen LaGreca


Colin Parker
Head of GAAP Consulting,
Advice and Litigation Canberra 


Carmen Ridley
Corporate Reporting Melbourne
Sonya Sinclair


Jim Dixon
Not-for-profit Melbourne
Susan Orchard